(East side of Broadway) Central College Symphonic Wind Ensemble & Flying Pans Steel Band

  • Frites (French fries) with sauce *Authentic Dutch Food*
  • Kroketten *Authentic Dutch Food* and pickle spear. – available in Beef and Vegetarian
  • Cheese and Sausage Combo
  • Cheese Curds (Fresh or Fried)
  • Truffles (Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate)
  • Bottled water

What are Kroketten?

Kroketten on a BunThe Dutch kroket is typically cylindrical in shape, filled with a meat ragout (most commonly using beef, beef broth, flour, butter or margarine, onions, herbs) and epitomizing textural contrast: very crispy and crunchy on the outside, super soft and smooth inside, with chunks or strands of meat.

In Amsterdam, kroketten have long been an economical way of using leftover meat stews and roasts—mixed with gravy, rolled into logs, breaded, and fried—but the snack really took off during WWII, when they became mass-produced as a cheap foodstuff. Since then the kroket has been regarded mostly as a fast-food delicacy, a common item at the vending-machine-style automats around Amsterdam, where a popular game is wondering what the heck they’re really made of.

We say: Don’t overthink it. Krokets are delicious served the Dutch way, with mustard and (optional) white bread.


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