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Jessica Vos – 2015 Tulip Court

Each year the Pella Tulip Time Queen and her court rule over the Tulip Time Festival. This is one of the highest honors for any young lady. The Queen is officially crowned at the Tulip Toren stage on Thursday afternoon of the festival prior to the afternoon parade. The Queen and court are selected in November prior to the festival in May. Today we are featuring Tulip Time Court member Jessica Vos…

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KINETIC EDGE PT – Small Business Saturday

Kinetic Edge Storefront
If we throw the name Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy out there, most people in the area probably wouldn’t recognize it. It’s not a new business in town, just a different name with the same great quality service that started 16 years ago. Work Systems Rehab & Fitness took a new name on March 13, 2015 when they adopted the name Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy. For this weeks Small Business Saturday we were able to talk to the team at Kinetic Edge as they explained all the changes that have happened in their office in the last six months.

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CRANBERRY STONE BAKERY – Small Business Saturday

When you think of bakery’s in Pella we wouldn’t be surprised if the first and only two you thought of were Jaarsma and Vander Ploeg’s, but get this, we have found at least one more! For this week’s Small Business Saturday we were able to get in touch with the one and only Sharesa Van Arendonk the owner of Cranberry Stone Bakery. This isn’t the typical bakery that does cakes, and donuts or anything of such sort. Sharesa specializes in cupcakes & cookie cakes! Sharesa has always had a dream of owning her own bakery…

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SMOKEY ROW – Small Business Saturday

Smokey Row - Pella
America is one caffeinated nation. A whopping 83 percent of us drink coffee, at a cost of $30 billion a year. In Pella, we live our caffeinated lives in full swing thanks to our multiple caffeine sources. Smokey Row, being one, is open 7 days a week and offers not only great coffee, but great people. For our first “Small Business Saturday,” we talked to Smokey Row manager, Nick Corbin. First of all, Smokey Row was founded by a couple that had a passion for coffee and people…

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Spring Has Sprung

Tulips 2015
Spring has sprung, and with that so have the tulips. If you take a drive down Main Street you will see an abundance of tulips peaking out of the soil. Over 100,000 tulips were planted last fall by various organizations in preparation for this spring’s festival. As you take a drive in our authentic dutch town and look around you can find early signs of the festival. The speakers are starting to go up for announcing the parade attractions for our six parades held during Tulip Time and wonderful music played throughout the day on the square. If you are lucky enough to catch a few drifts in town you might be able to get the insight from the

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