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The Klompen is Always a Classic at Tulip Time

It seems like forever ago that our small Dutch town was filled with beautiful tulips, tons of food booths, and people from all over the world to help us celebrate Tulip Time. One of the traditions that helps kick off Tulip Time every year is the Klompen Classic. This past year was the 22nd year that the Klompen Classic has been a part of Tulip Time. Hosted by Crossroads of Pella, the 2015 race had 2,210 participants…

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Summer Is Here & So Is Thursday Nights In Pella

Kids are officially out of school and summer has begun! One of the weekly community events during the summer in Pella is Thursday Nights in Pella. The kickoff for Thursday Nights in Pella is this Thursday, June 4. The theme for this week is, “We Are Family” sponsored by Families First of Pella helping to celebrate their 20th year! You can find a complete list of activities going on for Thursday and every Thursday Night in Pella for the rest of the season on the Pella Now app.

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Eleanor Witt – 2015 Tulip Time Queen

Each year the Pella Tulip Time Queen and her court rule over the Tulip Time Festival. This is one of the highest honors for any young lady. The Queen is officially crowned at the Tulip Toren stage on Thursday afternoon of the festival prior to the afternoon parade. The Queen and court are selected in November prior to the festival in May. Congratulations to our 2015 Queen Eleanor Witt and her court!

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Fly into the Fly-in Breakfast on Saturday

Fly-in Breakfast
Tulip Time is known for it’s traditions, heck Pella is known for tradition altogether! Whether it is scrubbing streets before each parade or having The Burgermeister become mayor for the three-day event, we have plenty of traditions over Tulip Time. One of the more recent traditions that was started thirteen years ago was a Fly-In Breakfast at the Pella Municipal Airport. The Saturday morning of Tulip Time a breakfast is hosted by…

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Annabelle The Cow Makes Her First Tulip Time Appearance

There are certain things that set almost every stand apart during Tulip Time. Whether it’s food, location or simply the people who you might happen to know working at the time you visit. All of those things are used for us to identify the stand, it will be talked about as “her church stand” or “the dutch taco stand”. So you might ask where I may be going with this? Well, one church stand is trying something new this year to help identify themselves and their authentic food that can’t be found anywhere else during Tulip Time with an out of the box object…

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